Daily Dose Of Beauty

To all of my readers,

Welcome to Daily Dose Of Beauty!

Do you ever feel like your stuck and you need an out? Makeup and everything beauty have always been my out. I know I am not the only one out there that feels this way and that is why I am so excited to be bringing you this blog! My favorite thing to do is put my makeup on in the morning; I don’t feel complete unless I have done my morning ritual and it gives me this energy and confidence to get shit done!

My whole entire life I have prided my self as being a compassionate, loving, helpful person so my career as a ER nurse-tech has fit me well. But, the past 2 years I have struggled with the feeling that I need to do something more with my life. Like I need to help people in a different way or something. So not go to go into too much depth about how I ended up here but I did a stint in network marketing, and have read A TON of self help books about “finding my way in life and what truly brings me joy” and well here I am present day writing this first post/welcome letter to all of your bright and shining faces!!

I am truly grateful to everyone who has helped me on my journey to this present moment as well has all of you reading my blog!



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