Contour and Highlight 101

Step 1: Always start with a clean moisturized face.

Step 2: I like to put a light layer of liquid foundation on to create an even canvas. (Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation in olive is my go to!) Using your fingers spread your foundation smoothly it into your skin and then blend using either a blender ball liquid foundation brush etc.

Step 3: Illuminate!! I use Luna highlighter and a Sephora multi-tasking brush #45 to make a T design down my nose and across my forehead. Then creating a half crescent moon underneath eye to give your eyes a bright refreshed look. Next make a circle under your bottom lip and create a line starting from the inside of your lower jaw line moving out and upwards toward your ear.

Step 4: I go over the same design I did with the highlighter with banana powder (you can use a translucent powder or setting powder to help get rid of most of the shine)

Step 5: Contour! (Make sure if your using the same brush you clean it before contouring or else you will look like a unicorn!) Start at the inside of the cheek bone following it up towards the ear. Next follow the hairline across your forehead and then follow underneath the same line you highlighted across your jaw line. I have a rather big nose or so I have been told so I contour my nose creating two lines one on each side starting at the eyebrow working my way down to the nostrils.

Step 6: BLEND! This is a very crucial step. You want to make sure everything flows together and you don’t look like a clown! Gently run your brush in a circular motion over your entire face.


Tip: If contouring the nose be sure you blend very well in the creases.

Tip: Using Banana powder as a part of your highlighting routine will give you a brighter look.

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