May- Allure Beauty Box Review

So I know I can speak for many women out there when I say we can be completely indecisive in so many different ways! Makeup up is my weak spot! When I heard about these monthly beauty boxes I jumped at the opportunity to try them out! Well then there was a down fall… I would get products that I ABSOLUTELY KNEW I wasn’t going to like! “Why am I going to pay for stuff I don’t like, want, or am going to use?” So I am doing a service for all the women out there who feel the same as I do and have been in the same situation!

Allure beauty box is AWESOME!! Major PRO is you get to see what you are going to get… If you don’t like the products for the month you can skip it!!!

So the picture is for the month of May beauty box. In my box I got Skin Fix Foaming Clay Cleanser, Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Sunscreen SPF 30, Stress Check Breathe in This Works roll on oils (smells like eucalyptus), Kneipp Body Oil in Lavender, and Luxie Taperd Blending Brush #205.


So I absolutely LOVE the Skin Fix Foaming Clay Cleanser! It has a nice floral smell to it which is a plus when you get some up your knows HAHA! It has a wonderful smooth lather to it when applying; also removes every bit of makeup, oil and impurity. Its really easy to wash off and it leaves your skin feeling soft and doesn’t give you that dried out feeling that some washes give you! My opinion this is a 5 STAR product!! (I am not a dermatologist of medical doctor so please consult with them before trying or using any product.)

Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Sunscreen is not my favorite unfortunately. I was disappointed because I was really excited about this one because I am in the market for a new daily sunscreen. I feel it is too thick for me; it left my skin feeling like there was a layer of film on it after all was said and done. On a positive note it has a convenient opening to for easy application! I give this 2.5 STARS. ( I’m hoping it grows on me LOL I love anything elephants ūüėČ )

Stress Check Breathe In This Works is by far my FAV out of the box this month!! I love the eucalyptus smell, and it is perfect for on the go use!¬†It is a light oil that doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy which is a definite plus!!!¬† I use it frequently while I am working in the emergency department, because it fits directly in my scrub pockets! I give this product 5 STARS!

Kneipp Body Oil in Lavender is another FAV!! I add a few drops to my bath after a long day at work and it puts me in a deeply relaxed state! The lavender brings out a “just right” smell not too strong but not too weak. This oil is thicker so a little goes A LONG WAY! I recommend when using this for massages you wash it off afterwards. I have oily skin as it is and the first time I used it and didn’t wash it off I woke up with a few too many pimples on my back than I had the night before!! I give this product 4 STARS (only because of the thicker feel of the oil).

Luxie Tapered Blending Brush #205.. NEVER can have TOO MANY brushes LOL. It is soft and blends very well! This brush is great because it actually puts the product on your face instead of it disappearing into the brush ( I know at least one person out there who is reading this knows what I am talking about!!). Overall this is a dependable brush and not too expensive! Overall I give this brush 4.5 STARS

I hope this review gives you some insight on Allure Beauty Box as well as the products!



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