Cheap girls guide to lash curling xx

So I don’t know how it is for every women/girls out there but for me I have long eyelashes but they don’t naturally curl… Ugh! No matter what mascara I buy I can never get a good curl.. Yes I know they have lashes curlers out there but I always forget.. Every time I make a run to Sephora, Ulta, Target etc.. I always forget. I could put it on list after list after list.. I ALWAYS forget!!! I eventually gave up and chocked it up to the universe telling me that I didn’t need it. I am going to give you an easy inexpensive way to curl your lashes with something you already have in your bathroom…

Your hair dryer ladies!!! This simple object that we use to dry our hair curls you lashes perfectly without any indentations that lashes curls can give you if you don’t use it properly.

Step 1: Put a layer of your favorite mascara on one eye.

Step 2: Turn your hairdryer on lowest setting and low heat; if you have a cooling button use that as well.

Step 3: Look up towards the ceiling or partially close your eyes and point the dryer at your eye and hold there for 10 to 15 seconds.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 as many times as you like depending on how dramatic you want your lashes.

Repeat on your other eye.

Tip: Complete one eye before going to the next.

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