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20170709_190047So as a part of being a blogprenuer and makeup/beauty lover I get to try new and awesome things to share with you! FOREVER I have wanted to get lash extensions! I love the way my lashes look when they are full long and lush!! I mean really, what woman doesn’t?!?! I am blessed to live in the wonderful area of Brier Creek in the lovely city of Raleigh, NC where there is this amazing little studio in the heart of everything call Amazing Lash Studio. Funny coincidence before I decided to write this article or even go to Amazing Lash I was triaging a patient who had these beautiful “to die for” lashes and I couldn’t help but ask her where she got them done…”Amazing Lash Studio in Brier Creek! They are awesome and relatively inexpensive for lash extensions” Later that night I went home did my research and SOLD! I made my appointment!! I had the pleasure of interviewing Jazzaray my amazing lash stylist; She gave me the all you need to know about Amazing Lash Studio and why they are at the top of the lash game!

Q: What makes Amazing Lash Studio different that other salons that offer the same service?

A: “Amazing Lash different is we are done for speed. Ares are a preset formula design to work with every ones eye shape and were designed to do it in under two hours. If you were to go to a privately owned studio or an independent contractor they can take up to four hours for a set. We also use individual extensions instead of clusters or strips”

Q: How is the pricing of lash extensions different from other studios?

A: “Our introductory price of $79.99 is literally the lowest I have ever seen! Private contractors can charge anywhere from $250 to $340 for a full set. We have the membership program also which makes it even more affordable.”

Q: Are there other Amazing Lash Studio’s?

A: “Amazing Lash in nationwide, were not in every state yet but were getting close!”

Q: What are the DO’S and DONT’S for lash extensions?

A: “You want to make sure you keep them washed and brushed; that’s the number one thing I tell people. If you don’t wash them they’re not going to last that long because there going to get build up on them and they’re going to get heavy and fall off. Also by not washing them you can get lash mites that you definitely don’t want! You want to keep them brushed because if you don’t they’re going to get clumped and they’re going to pull at your natural lashes and when they’re ready to come off they will take your natural lashes with them. You want to keep them washed twice daily and brushed at least twice a day.”

Q: What makes the extension adhere your natural lashes?

A: “We use a medical grade adhesive.”

Q: Is the practice of getting lash extensions regularly safe?

A: ” The individual extensions are made to come out with your natural lashes so they don’t cause damage unless they are applied incorrectly or you don’t take care of them.”

Q: What do you use to wash your lashes with?

A: “We recommend you use a foaming antibacterial soap, we always recommend our cleanser but you can use Dial foaming hand soap, but you have to be careful not to get it in your eyes.”

Q: What do you use to brush your lashes?

A: “Best thing to use is our mascara wand!  That’s another great thing about Amazing Lash Studio is that we make all of the care products you need to take care of your lash extensions.”

Q: How often do you need to get your lashes filled?

A: “You want to come every two weeks, with out maintenance your lashes will last two to four weeks. With maintenance they are going to last significantly longer so that’s why we recommend filling them every two weeks. This is due to the natural growth cycle of your lashes.

Q: Are there different types of lash extensions?

A: “Lashes are generally produced in a specific style. Here we use .15cc and .20cc curl lashes. There are a range of different materials. Here we use a synthetic mink. Generally depending on you go to you will find genuine mink or synthetic mink.

Q: What is the number one thing people say about getting lash extensions?

A: “They love the idea about not having to wear mascara!”

Jazzaray says “The great thing about lash extension is you can still wear mascara if you want to go for a dramatic look or still want to wear mascara. You just have to make sure to use a water based mascara, DO NOT USE WATER PROOF because oil will break down the lash adhesive and you have to use a oil based product to remove water proof mascara.”

Q: What’s the difference between lash extensions and faux lashes?

A: “Faux lashes are premade strips or clusters usually. They’re not tailored to your eye, and they’re pretty much made for quick use. You can’t really keep them on for days at a time, you have to constantly keep applying them. They also don’t look very natural, they look very fake. Lash extensions are exactly what they sound like, extension to your eyelash. So we only apply to lashes that you have we don’t make up lashes on your face. They look exactly like your own lashes but BETTER!”

Q: What made you want to work at Amazing Lash?

A: ” Its a very lucrative business, I really wanted to learn about the individual extensions. I went to school at Aveda and we didn’t learn how to apply individual lashes we did cluster lash extensions and strip lash extensions. So coming out of school to learn this I would have had to take a class, but here at Amazing Lash you get the training built in and you get a six month work contract to start.”

Q: How long does it take the glue to dry?

A: “It takes fort-eight hours for the glue to completely dry so we don’t want you to wash your lashes until after those forty-eight hours are up.”


Tips for when you have lash extensions

Try to stay away from oil based products

Wash and brush your lashes 2x daily to keep them in good condition

Use a water based mascara to add some extra drama to your lashes

XOXO beauties ❤❤




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