Calling me back!!

So as many of you know and have seen I have been absent for a LONG ASS TIME.. Pardon my French but its the truth. I have been through a lot in the past year and some of it has been not so good (but for the best). I believe in a higher power and that is why I am writing the post here this very moment. Each word I type its almost like something is moving my fingers stroke after stroke on my laptop keyboard. I have always and will always be in the business of helping people and also dreaming about makeup… I am a very indecisive person which I must say is kind of a downfall, but needless to say each day I move closer and closer to my true calling (even if I really don’t know what that is yet HELLO and THANK you to my inner guidance and intuition!!!) This blog has truly been the only thing that I can think of that I actually am passionate about that thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night, that thing that keeps your brain spinning with ideas, that thing you can see your self building into an empire (shout out to my idol Carli Bybel!!) So as I put the puzzle pieces of my life together I know for sure that I love any and all things beauty and I really love to write from the heart. It fills me to the brim with happiness and brings me a great amount of joy to think that even if one person reads this and learns something from it or I put a smile on their face IM SOLD!! END OF STORY!! I am so grateful to be able to envision this and bring it to life, so for that I say thank you and ask that you to spread the word!! Beauty By BK is officially here to stay!!

xoxo BKate

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