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So first off I hope everyone made off with lots of deals on Black Friday!! I my self did! I was at Ulta searching for some new mascaras I haven’t tried before and especially the ones that were $10 bucks!! Cant beat a good deal on high end beauty products!! Can you say a girls best friend!!! So anyways by the time I got to Ulta they were all sold out of EVERY $10 buck chuck mascara (screaming profanities in my head for not waking up when I said I was going to!!!) Ha well the joke wasn’t on me this time because I fell upon the life of the party at Ulta! PUR’s life of the party ‘Sweet 16’ Collection! In honor of PUR’s 16 years of business they put together this sweet collection of full size products including its best selling Fully Charged Mascara!!! In my head my inner goddess is doing a provocative happy dance because we just got 3 full size products and some bombshell lashes for under $30!!

Upon getting this sweet deal home I couldn’t wait to try these new products because I have NEVER tried any PUR products before. As a matter of fact I don’t really know much about the brand besides they make Cruelty Free and natural products… Anyways getting to the good part!! It comes in a pretty designed black and white box with a picture of the products on the front, 2 pictures of women modeling the mascara and eyelashes on the back with a back story of PUR and the products. Inside the 4 products come wrapped in white tissue paper with the PUR label in black.

The first product I tried was PUR’s On Point Liquid Liner. It comes in a long slender tube with a chrome top applicator and black base that holds the product. I really enjoyed using this product because I believe they put a lot of effort into designing the applicator for easy use when applying the liner. The top makes up 2/3 of the tube giving you a lot of area to hold to find the best angle for application. The applicator is a long felt-tip point designed to apply product in small short strokes. The product itself is a rich creamy black (matte black when dry) that goes on smooth and precise giving you the perfect “cat-eye”! When dry this liner is stay proof and when I say stay proof I mean as I’m writing this review I put some on my hand and rubbed it pulled the skin and it DID NOT BUDGE!!!!! No flaking no creasing no nothing but PUR perfection!!! I love EVERYTHING about this product EXCEPT the fact its finish is matte as I’m more of a shiny bling type LOL!!

Second product and third products I tried were PUR’s cruelty-free faux PRO eyelashes and the cruelty-free lash adhesive. The adhesive comes in a small cylinder tubing with a clear bottom and chrome top with applicator. The adhesive it self is good quality and holds very nicely. The adhesive goes on really smooth and evenly when applying to the lashes. The directions say to wait 30 seconds till the glue is tacky before applying the lashes. When I initially used the adhesive as I didn’t have high expectations for it but to my surprise it held amazingly well. I didn’t have to reapply my lashes or touch up the inner or outer corner because they came un-glued. The these falsies take volume to a bombshell level with a beautiful multi-dimensional look! The faux Pro eyelashes are not pre-cut so you need to measure and cut before applying. I have provided you a link for a “do’s and don’ts” video on trimming and applying lashes that I think will be really beneficial especially for newbies. The lashes have a soft fluffy feel and a natural look with a splash of I’m ready to take over the world! My fav set yet! “Breyonce” my inner goddess showed her self as soon as I applied them!!

The fourth and last but not least product I tried was the Fully charged Mascara. On the box PUR claims their best selling Fully Charged Mascara “lengthens lashes to the max” which is what every girl wants right?!? When you open the tube of mascara it comes with a “fluffy applicator attached to the top of the tube. The mascara it self is a creamy formula and goes on smooth. I especially liked it because it gave a curl to my lashes without me having to use a lash curler. It is a buildable formula but be careful because there is such thing as too much LOL!! I noticed that after 2 coats it started to get clumpy but I was able to separate my lashes with a lash comb with out a lot of flaking. I wore it all day Saturday and without having to touch up or fix my foundation due to flaking. Overall this is a great mascara.

In my opinion PUR did a great job curating this collection. Great products and an even greater price! 5 STARS PUR!!

XOXO bKate

Links are in the comments for the “how to” video and where to purchase this collection

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