Morphe: Bossing up your makeup routine on a budget!!

word pressLet me just leave this here for you! First off all let me start by saying if you have NOT tried a Morphe product yet ya need to get ya butt to your nearest Ulta and pick one up!! I’m not kidding!! I paid $25 for this palette and it was worth every dern penny!!! The pictures don’t do any justice but this entire palette which is the Boss Mood 35M palette is full of HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT!!! YASSS GIRL!!!! As you may tell right now this is going to be a 5 STAR  review because I don’t anything bad to say!!

So starting out the palette comes in a black box enclosed in bubble wrap to ensure your product doesn’t get broken!! HELLO why hasn’t any other cosmetic brand thought of this?!?!? How many of us have bought a palette from the store (or online) got it home and were all geeked up to try it on and you find out its cracked. Que the cuss words ladies and gents!! So this was a big plus in my book! Anyways on with the review…  Getting to the actual palette the case is made of metal holding 35 BEAUTIFUL colours!!Looking a the pictures of Morphe gives you a clear plastic sheet over the shadows telling you what the colours are!!! I put mine in the lid so when I open it (like a laptop) I can see all of the names super easy!!!

This Boss Mood 35M palette gives you an array of colours ranging from earthy neutrals to your pretty peachy pinks and seductive reds with a pop of bold purples and blacks. This palette was love at first sight for me as I have hazel eyes and neutral hues make my eyes pop but I love a good smoky eye at the same time!!! I swatched all of the colours one arm all shimmers and the other all mattes. The shadows are very creamy and go on super smooth (even without primer). When swatching I felt like every single colour was beautiful and highly pigmented. The shimmers are def my favorite in this palette because they are so bright and sparkly. To give you an idea I am sitting here rotating my wrist watching the shimmers sparkle like diamonds on my hand!!!

I truly feel that this palette is better in quality than a lot of the higher-end makeup brands and could definitely cost double even triple the $25 price tag! I recommend this palette to everyone who is looking for a multi-look palette and are on a budget! So if you have read this far take your butt on over to your nearest Ulta or go online a pick up yours!! Oh and please please please leave a comment if you have tried this palette or any of Morphe’s others and tell me your thoughts.

Happy New Year everyone this will be my last post for 2018! See you next year!!!


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